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  • ADC-China-wuqing
  • Commercial Compressors Application Development Center

    650 m2

    The center is located at our China Wuqing Commercial Compressors factory, and the key focus is testing of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The test facility includes one indoor test room (8.8 X 6.1 X 4.2 m) and one outdoor test room (6.5 X 9.6 X 5.2 m).

    The indoor room can be adjusted to:
    Air Temperature: 8~50℃
    Air flow: 300~16,000m3/h
    Water flow: 2.3~23.5 m3/h
    Static pressure: 100~400Pa
    Cooling capacity: 2.5~126kW
    Humidity: 30%~80% RH

    The outdoor room can be adjusted to:
    Air temperature: 20~55℃
    Water flow: 4.3~78.3 m3/h
    Cooling capacity: 26~350kW
    Humidity: 30%~95%RH .

    Available Tests:

    • Validate of refrigeration parts in a refrigeration system 
    • Qualify air conditioning
    • Optimize system specifications 
    • Certificate customer's A/C system
    • R&D projects validation


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