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  • Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Test Lab


    MCHE test lab is located in Haiyan in China in our plant. The test lab consists of two psychrometric rooms (6RT & 10RT). These test rigs are used for getting heating and cooling capacity/wind flow/EER/COP for room air conditioning, air source heat pump, water heater, and heat exchanger. 

    Available Tests:

    6RTCooling Capacity3-20kWHeating Capacity4-28kW
    10RTCooling Capacity3.5-35kWHeating Capacity3.5~40kW
    Heat Exchanger (Evaporator)3.5-35kWHeat Exchanger (Condenser)3.5~40kW

    The test facility is targeted residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning customers.


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